TEST English School, It all started from here (1)

Is there any other happiness rather than find out an absolutely proper teacher?

20150907221135 It has been an ages I did not use my English again, so for this term I decided to write my own story in English. Moreover, since I left a wonderful place called Pare, indeed TEST English School, I am not really able to use my English quite often neither spoken nor written. I ever said on my previous writing that I was not good in English (yet nowadays, –” ) , even though I did realize that language is the main key to open our access through the world, you have to remember, the more you can master in language, the more you can open your ways. Hence, English, a language that officially used in over 50 countries, is a must to be obtained for someone who wants to convey around the world. And my out of luck, English was my major enemy since first I knew it in elementary school.

A year ago, study abroad seemed like a totally impossible for me, looking back to the time when I first released my own proposal scholarship to OFFIX TADAO ANDO – Japan Architecture Scholarship, Oh my Goodness how terrible English that I ever stated on my scholarship application (maybe it was the reason why am I rejected?). I never knew to use proper academic English for formal communication, and how to use correct tenses on my writing. I was freaking confused, besides when finally I got my scholarship from LPDP (with my magic-luck to obtain sufficient score in TOEFL Test), I just had no more than one-year -chance to convert my destination from Indonesian University to overseas. Yap, at my first occasion I just wanted to continue my study in Indonesia, but due to the enrollment of my university was still next year so I tried to try another possibility. On the other hand, you should know that my deep feeling always said that I can go further more than this, hear an outstanding adventure outside is recently calling for you nelza!, and I will always believe with my own feeling, you have to do so guys !

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