Everything is More!


Who we are? We are everything. Yes, I still remembered the question that appeared in our first meeting two months ago. I thought from its name my recent course MSc BUDD, Building Urban Design in Development, it tends to be an β€œordinary” urban design like what is in my mind for several years. Even I ever predicted it will be different, but I never imagined that it goes totally beyond than I thought. I am a person with an architectural background that starting in love with urban and its congestion. I am kindly similar when it talks about built and environment, but not so much work on social and political. In some cases, I often get lost where I am. Luckily, people surrounds me and all of the tension of studying force me to follow the process, and slowly but sure (perhaps) re-shaping my mind afterwards. And it has not finished yet, more and more!

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