Everything is More!


Who we are? We are everything. Yes, I still remembered the question that appeared in our first meeting two months ago. I thought from its name my recent course MSc BUDD, Building Urban Design in Development, it tends to be an “ordinary” urban design like what is in my mind for several years. Even I ever predicted it will be different, but I never imagined that it goes totally beyond than I thought. I am a person with an architectural background that starting in love with urban and its congestion. I am kindly similar when it talks about built and environment, but not so much work on social and political. In some cases, I often get lost where I am. Luckily, people surrounds me and all of the tension of studying force me to follow the process, and slowly but sure (perhaps) re-shaping my mind afterwards. And it has not finished yet, more and more!

Maybe I have to mention what in architecture world mentioned about more

less is more by miss van de rohe ,

less is bore by robert venturi ,

more is more by rem koolhass

yes is more by bjarke ingels


Now, let me introduce you that everything is more here. Maybe it is something weird, but that is what I am feeling recently. Thinking about border in BU3 Course (Building and Urban Design Practice), at first, border looked like about the edge or even a line that boundary a region. Nevertheless, after finishing the process from the phase one until phase four in group discussions, I realised that border is more than physically dividing two different things. We have to consider about everything that formed the border, starting from economic, social, spatial, environmental, politic, to everything else. It is not only about physical thing or non-physical thing, sometimes it could also related to outside physical and non-physical (other spaces, Foucault he he). Our different backgrounds gave more perspectives about border, and I would like to mention that being everything here is much better.

It does not stop there, we also need to do comparative understanding by comparing two different locations, in two different contingents, and it seemed to expand our understanding in a different level of border making. Throughout group discussions, I learnt about how difficult to get in to this common understanding, but in many ways it was a part of the fun even in fact we are doing a design research and investigation. Anyway, it is still hard for me to be active in a group due to my slow understanding about the topic and language barrier as well but I enjoy the on-going process.

Onward, it is going to make up my mind that borders are everywhere. Since my group work also ever mentioned that border is an ACTIVE ENCOUNTERS, so it is the time to look at border not only as a divider but an opportunity to go beyond.

What is going next? Everything is coming up, everything needs to be done, and I hope that I can get everything through my time here, and BUDD 2015-2016 will be my everything as well.

London, 30-11-2015




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