Talking about portfolio while doing my master degree in BUDD, I will try to propose it as a reflection throughout my journey here and show it in series chapters of a “FLIPGRAM of EVOLUTION”. As a practitioner that learns about architecture and urban as a design tool, and also working a lot with the physical intervention in my previous years. I would like to say that I am doing a process of evolution now.

What I am thinking about Urban, Architecture, Border, and Space have been slowly changed to better interpretation. Evolution as its definition meaning the gradual development of something is totally happening to me, and I do not know when it will be stopped (or maybe it can be a never ending progression?).

As an evolution process, for me, my understanding about Urban, Architecture, Border, and Space will constantly evolve and change. However, to understand it deeply I do not want to leave my process that I got before, and re-frame it as a critical step towards my new perspective.

Therefore, as a narrative of my approaches, it can be shown in this portfolio by playing the flip-images back and forth. Perhaps it can show how my understanding comes from a back-and-forth process during my way to shape and re-shape its meaning.

Finally, all of my new perspectives have been changed and driven by my intention to the theory of the right to the city. Then, it also renavigates my understanding about the city in a whole.


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